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AARDVARK Single User Licence on Stand-Alone PC

Order Code: MAS001X
Publisher: WRC
No. of Pages: n/a
Date of Publication: 2009

AARDVARK Single User Licence on Stand-Alone PC

Price: 895.00   (Plus Vat)

Environmental monitoring can generate enormous amounts of data, but what you really need is the information locked within it. Designed for non-statisticians, Aardvark (Analyse Any Routine Data; Visually Acquire Real Knowledge) is a Windows-based software tool that can help you to get the most from your environmental monitoring data.

Leading you through a logical sequence of operations, Aardvark will quickly and simply guide you to the most appropriate statistical methods. It uses a flexible and informative graphics system that allows you to see data trends readily and presents soundly-based conclusions in a non-statistical language.

Aardvark will help you to:
  • Spot important changes and trends in quality
  • Assess the adequacy of sampling programmes
  • Save money by improving programme efficiency
Aardvark's impressive array of statistical functions includes:
  • Parametric estimation of percentiles
  • Automatic 'cusum hinge' selection option
  • Fitting of seasonality models
  • Saving of residuals from seasonal and regression models
  • Data filtering by month or year
  • Data summary
  • Time series with optional sideways histogram
  • Histogram with fitted Normal and log-Normal models
  • Year-on-year seasonality plot
  • Cusum analysis to detect step changes
  • Two-variable time series and scatter plot
  • Days between successive samples.

The Aardvark package includes:
  • The Aardvark for Windows diskette
  • Example data files
  • A comprehensive User Guide

Visit the AARDVARK web page on the WRc corporate website www,wrcplc.co.uk . Hardware requirements: An internet connected PC running Windows 2000, XP or Vista.