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Achieving Durable Repaired Concrete Structures

Order Code: BR081EP
ISBN Number: 9781860819704
Publisher: BRE Press
No. of Pages: 190
Date of Publication: 2007

Achieving Durable Repaired Concrete Structures

Price: 60.00

A methodology for protecting and repairing concrete structures using a performance-based intervention approach is presented in this major report, which has been prepared by the CONREPNET network of European research and representative bodies sponsored by the European Commission. It explains current practices and recent research and developments, and the drivers for change. It then considers performance-based approaches, develops concepts for performance-based intervention in concrete repair and sets down ways for translating owners' requirements into technical solutions. The third part deals with issues of applying performance-based intervention. Conclusions from the findings of the network organisations and recommendations on a number of fronts are then made. Annexes provide extensive background information.

Features / Benefits
  • Wide-ranging guide to performance-based intervention approach for concrete structures
  • Prepared by expert engineeers and researchers from many parts of Europe
  • Offers a new way forward for achieving durable and long-lasting concrete repairs

  • The CONREPNET project
  • Definitions, terminology and abbreviations
  • Preface
  • PART 1: Contemporary practices - the need for change
  • 1. Introduction and scope
  • 2. Contemporary approaches to translating owners' requirements into technical solutions
  • 3. Current situation: problems encountered, the need for change and current practices
  • PART 2: Vision for performance-based intervention
  • 4. Structure management: owners' issues and requirements
  • 5. The use of prescriptive and performance-based approaches in construction
  • 6. Performance-based intervention (PBI) for the protection and repair of concrete structures
  • 7. Translating owners' requirements into technical solutions: application of PBI
  • PART 3: Putting performance-based intervention into practice
  • 8. Putting performance-based intervention into practice
  • PART 4: The way forward
  • 9. Factors influencing the adoption of PBI
  • 10. RTD issues
  • 11. CPD, technical standards and approvals
  • 12. Conclusions
  • 13. Recommendations: next steps
  • 14. References
  • 15. Further reading
  • PART 5: Annexes
  • A: Overview of CONREPNET thematic network
  • B: Definitions
  • C: PBI application examples: coating selection, Ouzel Bridge, Channel Tunnel
  • D: Other performance-based approaches, and related projects
  • E: Construction Products Directive and the role of CEN and EOTA
  • F: European standards for the protection and repair of concrete structures
  • G: Some tools supporting options for evaluation and decision making