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Ensuring Reservoir Safety into the Future

Order Code: T10017T
ISBN Number: 9780727735225
Publisher: Thomas Telford
No. of Pages: 464
Date of Publication: 2008

Ensuring Reservoir Safety into the Future

Price: 108.99

Essential information on reservoir safety from the heart of the water management profession.

The new title from Thomas Telford contains the proceedings from the 15th Conference of the British Dam Society. Ensuring Reservoir Safety into the Future discusses key topics and correct events including the state of the UK reservoir management and legislation, and reservoir safety following sever weather in recent years. This book will provide invaluable information on best practice and will be essential for those professionals involved in the managing of reservoirs.

Ensuring Reservoir Safety into the Future covers key topics including:
  • Internal erosion
  • Dam break analysis and risk assessment
  • Design analysis and monitoring
  • 2007 storms and UK reservoir safety issues
  • Construction, remedial works and discontinuance


Internal erosion
  • Locating the leakage route at Torside Reservoir using the Willowstick AquaTrack system
  • Assessing the vulnerability of a typical British embankment
  • Progress in assessing internal erosion
  • Defra research into internal erosion
  • Possible indicators of internal erosion prone dams comprising broadly graded materials

Dam break analysis and risk assessment
  • Application of the Interim Guide to Quantitative
  • Risk Assessment across multiple dam owners by multiple Jacobs offices
  • The influence of infrastructure embankments on the consequences of dam failure
  • Reservoir flood plans - towards implementation
  • Assessing dam breach hazard in Cyprus
  • Dambreak and emergency planning: meeting end user needs
  • A step change in reservoir safety management: Quantitative Risk Assessment and its strategic implications

Design, analysis and monitoring
  • Spillway gate design features which can cause vibration
  • A method of mitigating tree blockage to bridges on a spillway
  • Recent advances in the numerical modelling of embankment dams
  • Development of an integral system for dam and landslide monitoring based on distributed fibre optic technology
  • Nonlinear seismic assessment of lightly reinforced concrete intake towers

2007 storms and UK reservoir safety issues
  • The Defra research programme and its management
  • The implications of the 2007 summer storms for UK reservoir safety
  • Ulley Reservoir and high velocity spillway flows
  • Supervising engineer's account and reflections on a major reservoir safety incident
  • The safety of small British reservoirs
  • Investigations of potential reservoirs
  • Post-incident reporting: learning from experience to promote reservoir safety
  • The application of the Mines and Quarries (Tips) and Reservoir Acts

Construction, remedial works and discontinuance
  • Bradford area reservoirs' group - flood routing remedial works at Leeming, Doe Park and Hewenden Reservoirs
  • Remedial works at Sutton Bingham Reservoir
  • Llwyn-on Reservoir scour valve refurbishment
  • The repair of Lyn Morwinion Dam
  • The discontinuance of dams - it's not each and it can be expensive
  • The staged construction of Imang Dam
  • Inoperable reservoir valves - why wait for the inspection?
  • Queen Mary and King George V Reservoirs emergence draw down schemes
  • A new geomembranes system in construction of fill dams: concepts and 2 case studies
  • Rutland habitats - design of reservoirs for environmental habitat benefits
  • Reservoir repair and upgrade: still the same issues?
  • Decommissioning, discontinuation and abandonment of dams: is there a case for a national strategy?
  • Clunie Dam anchoring works