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Geosynethics: Protecting the Environment

Order Code: T10012T
ISBN Number: 9780727732347
Publisher: Thomas Telford
No. of Pages: 176
Date of Publication: 2003

Geosynethics: Protecting the Environment

Price: 39.99

This publication presents recent advances in the design, maufacture, development and use of geosynthetics in environmental applications. the publication covered a wide range of issues relevant to those working in areas providing environmental protection through engineering measures (e.g those workin in waste management, contaminatied land and urban drainage).


Keynote paper
  • Geomembrane liner durability: contributing factors and the status quo

Geosynthetic barriers
  • Hydraulic properties of geosynthetic clay liners
  • Design interface shear strengths: peak or residual?
  • Use of geosynthetics in landfill sweepwall lining systems

Other environmental applications
  • Applications of electrokinetic geosynthetics
  • Geotextile bags for the containment, filtering and decontamination of slurries
  • Applicaton of geosynthetics in sustainable drainage systems

Protection and drainage in landfills
  • Theoretical approach to designing protection: selecting a geomembrane strain criterion
  • Use of geocomposite drains in landfill leachate drainage systems: the challenges