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Guidebook of Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

Order Code: T10021T
ISBN Number: 9780727734846
Publisher: Thomas Telford
No. of Pages: 262
Date of Publication: 2009

Guidebook of Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

Price: 92.99

The practical application of geomorphological science now forms a regular part of any project involving flood protection, fisheries, conservation, recreation, environmental protection and river restoration. The responsibilities now placed upon organisations by the EU Water Framework Directive to assess river morphology will ensure that the uptake of geomorphology continues and expands.

Topics featured include:
  • Channel form and change, sediment systems, and catchment issues
  • Example applications from flood control projects, bank erosion problems, and rehabilitation and restoration schemes
  • A range of site-specific applications of geomorphology

In this book the authors use their extensive experience gained through fieldwork, analysis, and input to the design process to:
  • Provide a thorough understanding of geomorphology in the river environment;
  • Demonstrate the significance of considering geomorphological processes in river management projects;
  • Describe effective ways to incorporate geomorphological science into river engineering and management;
  • Indicate when to seek expert advice

This guidebook will prove a valuable source of information on the principles and application of fluvial geomorphology for anyone involved in river engineering and management, including flood management, fisheries, conservation, ecology, recreation, hydrometry, environmental assessment, landscape architecture and water quality.

  • Preface
  • Purpose of the Guidebook
  • Basis for the Guidebook
  • Inventory of sources used in preparing the Guidebook Fluvial Geomorphology: Its basis and methods
  • River processes and channel geomorphology
  • Driving processes 1: Understanding river sediment dynamics
  • Driving Processes 2: Characterising and managing river sediment dynamics
  • Geomorphology and river ecosystems: Tools and strategies for river and floodplain management
  • Case studies of the application of geomorphological assessment procedures
  • References