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Handbook on the Design and Interpretation of Monitoring Programmes.

Order Code: NS29
ISBN Number: 0902156721
Publisher: WRC
Date of Publication: 1989

Handbook on the Design and Interpretation of Monitoring Programmes.

Price: 50.00

Historically, the water industry has been better served by publications dealing with the physical and chemical sides of sampling and analysis of water quality than with advice on the statistical side of sampling programmes. This handbook remedies this deficiency. It has two main objectives:
  1. to set out the principles and practice of sampling programme design, with particular reference to trend detection and compliance testing
  2. to describe a variety of statistical and graphical techniques for the intelligent interpretation of historical quality data, using real examples.
This handbook provides a comprehensive but non-technical introduction to the statistical principles underlying all sampling. 26 self contained appendices give supporting statistical material, together with various reference graphs, charts and tables.

  • Statistical Background to Sampling
  • the main steps Common to all Sampling programmes
  • Means, percentiles and compliance with standards
  • Testing for compliance with a standard: Statistical methodology
  • water industry applications
  • Temporal and spacial trends and relationships
  • Detecting systematic differences between locations
  • Operations with multiple data sets
  • Practical strategies.