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Integrating Value and Risk in Construction

Order Code: CR217A
ISBN Number: 0860176398
Publisher: CIRIA
No. of Pages: 74
Date of Publication: 2005

Integrating Value and Risk in Construction

Price: 80.00

This versatile toolkit helps clients and construction professionals integrate existing value management, value engineering and risk management methodologies from the initial concept of a proposed project to the successful delivery of the facility. Once construction is complete, the facilities manager and others can continue the process throughout the life of the facility.

The toolkit provides a structured approach to identifying and agreeing the client's project objectives after taking into account the full range of opportunities and uncertainty. Its procedures aim to ensure that the built facility meets those objectives throughout its life and represents best value.

Integration toolboxes are provided for each stage of project development and these are supported by guidance on workshops, guided discussion and development of a communications plan. The toolkit is supported by CD-ROM containing electronic copies of working documents as proformas, together with a PowerPoint presentation and a comprehensive literature review.

  • Executive summary
  • Acknowledgements
  • The need for the toolkit
  • Where and when to use the toolkit
  • Integrating value and risk
  • Enablers to support the integration process
  • Integrating value and risk in construction
  • Summary
  • Bibliography
  • A1 How to organise and run a facilitated workshop
  • A2 Guidance on stakeholder communications plan
  • A3 Assessment of importance of a value improvement idea
  • A4 Electronic documents