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Lessons for Climate Change Adaptation from Better Management of Rivers

Order Code: ERC077
ISBN Number: 9781849710909
Publisher: Earthscan
No. of Pages: 96
Date of Publication: 2009

Lessons for Climate Change Adaptation from Better Management of Rivers

Price: 63.99

Climate change is dramatically affecting freshwater supplies, particularly in the developing world. The papers in this volume present a powerful case for and exploration of different freshwater adaptation strategies in the face of global climatic change.

The volume centres on six detailed case studies, from India, China, Mexico, Brazil, the lower Danube basin and Tanzania, written by experienced local academics and practitioners. They assess autonomous adaptation in the freshwater sector, drawing out key lessons about what motivated these societies to change, which factors led to more successful adaptation, and how interventions may best be sustained. The volume also contains a global overview of the lessons derived from these experiences. It sheds light on two key theories: that vulnerability to climate change is best reduced by reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development first, or by reducing bio-physical risks from climate change. The publication also highlights the need to ensure that access to more precise climate change impact data is not used as an excuse to delay implementation of no regrets adaptation measures.
  1. Water and Climate Change Adaptation
  2. Lessons for Climate Change from Better Management of Rivers
  3. Floodplain Restoration Along the Lower Danube: A Climate Change Adaptation Case Study
  4. Freshwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation: Experiences from the Great Ruaha River Catchment in Tanzania
  5. Restoration of Traditional Water Storage Systems: An Effective Strategy to Meet the Water Demand and Adopt to the Uncertainties of Climate Change while Improving the Livelihoods and Ecosystems - a Case Study of Maner Sub-Basin, Godavari River, India
  6. Freshwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation - Experiences from the Central Yangtze Region in China
  7. Integrated River Basin Management in the Conchos River Basin, Mexico: A Freshwater Climate Change Adaptation Study
  8. The Basis for Climate Change Adaptation Under a Successful Participatory Process, Sao Joao Basin, Brazil
  9. Embracing Uncertainty in Freshwater Climate Change Adaptation: A Natural History Approach