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Long-Term Benefits and Performance of Dams

Order Code: T10018T
ISBN Number: 9780727732682
Publisher: Thomas Telford
No. of Pages: 684
Date of Publication: 2004

Long-Term Benefits and Performance of Dams

Price: 89.99

Long-term Benefits and Performance of Dams presents proceedings the 13th Conference of the British Dam Society held at the University of Kent, June 2004.

The papers include discussion on the benefits that reservoirs can provide in terms of water supply and recreation and also on the environmental impact they can have. The use of new materials in reservoir construction is discussed, in particular the use of geomembranes to provide water tightness

Several papers describe portfolio risk assessments undertaken both in the UK and overseas, and various other issues related to reservoir management are covered, including changes in the enforcement of UK reservoir safety legislation

The issue of climate change and its effect on reservoir safety is considered and there is an update on European research into dambreak analysis. A number of flood alleviation schemes involving flood storage reservoirs are described, with particular emphasis on hydraulic controls and environmental aspects

Long-term benefits and performance of dams also contains case histories of dam failures and ‘near misses’, which are described with the lessons that can be learnt from them. Various studies and works to rehabilitate a number of dams of differing types, sizes and age are also described.

This book contains 55 papers covering a wide variety of topics including:
  • The benefits and social impact of dams
  • Lessons learned from historical incidents
  • Refurbishment and replacement of various elements of dams
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Discontinuance and abandonment of dams
  • The use and performance of synthetic materials in dams
  • Recent flood events and climate change
  • Rehabilitation case histories
  • Risk assessment
  • Instrumentation and monitoring