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Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition (MSCC)

Order Code: DUS043X
ISBN Number: 9781898920700
Publisher: WRc
No. of Pages: 182
Date of Publication: October 2013

Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition (MSCC)

Price: 37.99

Inspection of sewer condition is an important feature of the management of sewer and highway drainage systems. Such surveys generate large amounts of data which must be recorded and stored.

The Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC) is the manual used by the UK water industry and other organisations to classify defects in sewers and is crucial to the management of investment in over 500,000 km of public sewers and lateral drains in the UK.

The Manual of Sewer Condition Classification was first published in 1980 to provide a national standard defect coding system for this type of survey work. The fourth edition of the manual in 2004 was a major update to describe the use of what has become the National Equivalent coding system listed in BS EN 13508-2:2003. In addition, some new codes were added and the use of the manual for reference purposes was emphasised. It also describes in detail the simplified coding system listed in the Drain Repair Book.

This edition of the manual has been extensively updated to reflect amendments to BS EN 13508-2 in 2011 and to take account of the move from video tape to computer storage of video data.

In this latest revision, some of the codes relating to drains and sewers and manholes and inspection chambers have been modified and new codes specifically relating to lining observations have been introduced, in accordance with European standard. Furthermore the change facility, which was a feature of the coding system up to the 3rd edition, has been restored as this has now been included in the European Standard.

Features in the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition include:
  • Review of controls for camera set-up
  • Updates in line with BS EN 13508-2
This manual will be of particular value to engineers, Close Circuit Television Surveyors and those assessing the CCTV report.

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