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Pond Treatment Technology

Order Code: IW063A
ISBN Number: 1843390205
Publisher: IWA Publishing
No. of Pages: 480
Date of Publication: 2005

Pond Treatment Technology

Price: 99.99

Wastewater treatment ponds are used in a range of applications. Next to small onsite treatment systems they are one of the most commonly used methods of wastewater treatment in the world.

Pond Treatment Technology reviews how pond systems work and provide guidelines for their application.

Readers are provided with an initial overview of the technology and then the science of the pond environment is discussed in detail. This knowledge is then used as a basis to explain the processes and mechanisms that are intrinsic to actually providing the effective treatment of various pollutants.

From this scientific grounding the book becomes increasing applied in its approach, firstly providing design guidelines, then reviewing specific applications and variations of the technology and finally concluding with a number of practical case studies.

Pond Treatment Technology provides the perfect reference work for scientists, engineers, students and managers involved in the general field of environmental engineering who are seeking up-to-date information on the current understanding and application techniques of pond treatment technology.

In recent years there has been a large body of research within this field but this technology has not been effectively transferred to the broader environmental engineering profession around the world. With each chapter written by a leading international expert in their field, Pond Treatment Technology addresses this information gap.