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Rewenable Resources & Renewable Energy: A Global Challenge

Order Code: CL1107
ISBN Number: 9780849396892
Publisher: CRC Press
No. of Pages: 384
Date of Publication: 2006

Rewenable Resources & Renewable Energy: A Global Challenge

Price: 85.99

  • Emphasizes the use of renewable feedstocks for optimizing biodegradability and achieving sustainable industrial processes
  • Discusses the environmental and economic benefits of developing fuel cell-based technologies
  • Examines advantages, current trends, and challenges in hydrogen production and purification from biomasses
  • Reviews real-world case studies, particularly in developing countries
  • Includes hard-to-find resources and useful references in the energy, bio-based feedstock, and development sectors

  • Part 1: Technologies for Application and Utilization of Renewable Resources
  • Part 2: Plastic and Materials from Renewable Resources
  • Part 3: Technologies for Renewable Energy
  • Part 4: Trends, Needs and Opportunities of Developing Countries