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Risk and Uncertainty in Dam Safety

Order Code: T10019T
ISBN Number: 9780727736390
Publisher: Thomas Telford
No. of Pages: 416
Date of Publication: 2004

Risk and Uncertainty in Dam Safety

Price: 82.99

The use of risk assessment in dam safety management as advocated by the International Commission On Large Dams (ICOLD) will be greatly enhanced by Risk and Uncertainty in Dam Safety, an authoritative, comprehensive and valuable contribution to dam safety practices.

Through the presentation of a systematic and integrated process, Risk and Uncertainty in Dam Safety assists the dam owner in evaluating the needs for dam safety improvement, selecting and prioritizing remedial and corrective actions, and improving the operation, maintenance and surveillance procedures. As a result of the unique cooperation among experienced and knowledgeable dam owners, dam safety mangers and engineers, and experts in the theoretical basis for risk assessment, Risk and Uncertainty in dam safety contains a thorough review of how state-of-the-art 'the industry' has become, provides lessons from first hand practical experience, and gives significant new contributions that will enhance understanding of the risk assessment and management process and how to apply it effectively, increasing awareness and reduce complacency regarding dam safety issues.

Risk and Uncertainty in Dam Safety will appeal not only to industry specialists but also to readers outside the dam engineering community due to its general and excellent treatment of the various topics in the integrated process of risk assessment


Part 1 Guiding principles
  • Dam risk management
  • Guiding principles for risk analysis
  • Risk in decision making

Part 2 Commentary on risk analysis
  • Reliability analysis
  • Consequence estimation
  • Probability assignment

Part 3 Theoretical considerations
  • Essential elements of probability theory
  • Event tree analysis
  • Fault tree analysis
  • Consequence assessment
  • Methods for probability assignment