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The Drinking Water Handbook, 2nd Edition

Order Code: CL1169
ISBN Number: 9781439866900
Publisher: CRC Press
No. of Pages: 388
Date of Publication: 2012

The Drinking Water Handbook, 2nd Edition

Price: 84.99

  • Offers a systematic, easy-to-understand explanation of the many processes employed to make water safe to drink
  • Describes the regulations that set the standards for water quality
  • Investigates the physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters that must be modified to produce potable water
  • Explains the relation of water reuse to the hydrological cycle
  • Examines what is being done to mitigate growing concerns about disinfection by-products and PPCPs in water
  • Discusses challenges related to future water production, storage, treatment, and reuse
  • Addresses security requirements for waterworks
  • Includes an extensive glossary and defines key terms throughout

When you open the tap to fill your glass with drinking water, you expect the water to be of good quality. But is the water from your tap really safe? The second edition of an industry-wide bestseller, The Drinking Water Handbook explains the many processes employed to make water safe to drink. Starting at the source, it evaluates the quality control of drinking water through treatment and distribution to the tap, and its use and reuse by the consumer.

What’s in Your Glass of Water?

Engaging and accessible, the handbook covers important concepts and regulations and identifies current problems with the water supply. In addition to the traditional physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters that affect water quality, it discusses trihalomethanes, Cryptosporidium, viruses, carcinogens, pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), and other pollutants.

Solutions for Safer Drinking Water

The book also addresses the challenges faced by practitioners striving to provide the best drinking water quality to the consumer. It outlines techniques and technologies for monitoring and water treatment, from preliminary screening to filtration and disinfection, as well as advanced processes for specialized water problems. Recognizing the importance of protecting water infrastructure, the authors include a comprehensive chapter on security requirements for waterworks.

This user-friendly handbook puts technical information about drinking water in the hands of the general public, sanitary and public works engineers, public health administrators, water treatment operators, and students. Thoroughly updated to reflect current science and technologies, it takes a close look at what can be found in many tap water supplies and the measures taken to ensure the health and well-being of consumers.

What’s New in this Edition
  • Updates to every chapter, reflecting advances in the field
  • Expanded material on sick water related to PPCPs
  • Discussion of the latest treatment technologies
  • Coverage of individual contaminants
  • Current regulations related to drinking water