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Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processes and Technologies

Order Code: IW188A
ISBN Number: 9781780400341
Publisher: IWA/CRC Press
No. of Pages: 388
Date of Publication: 2013

Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processes and Technologies

Price: 73.00

  • Covers emerging applications of nanotechnology for wastewater treatment
  • Includes integrated cost-based design methodologies
  • Focuses on the design of main treatment units
  • Includes auxiliary units such as primary settler, final settler, sludge digester, and thickener
  • Provides tables, equations, figures, and graphs
  • Includes case studies and examples

  • Emphasizing new technologies that produce clean water and energy from the wastewater treatment process, Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processes and Technologies presents recent advancements in wastewater treatment by various technologies such as chemical methods, biochemical methods, membrane separation techniques, and nanotechnology. It addresses sustainable water reclamation, biomembrane treatment processes, advanced oxidation processes, and applications of nanotechnology for wastewater treatment. It also includes integrated cost-based design methodologies. Equations, figures, photographs and tables are included within the chapters to aid reader comprehension. Case studies and examples are included as well.

    Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Solar Photo-Fenton as Advanced Oxidation Technology for Water Reclamation,
    • Solar Photocatalytic Treatment of Wastewater,
    • Advanced Oxidation Processes: Basics and Applications
    • Impinging-Jet Ozone Bubble Column Reactors
    • Biological Treatment of Wastewaters: Recent Trends and Advancements,
    • Removal of Heavy Metals by Seaweeds in Wastewater Treatment
    • Microbial Treatment of Heavy Metals, Oil and Radioactive Contamination in Wastewaters
    • Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment in Tapered Fluidized Bed Reactor
    • Treatment of Effluent Waters in Food Processing Industries
    • Removal of Lower-Molecular-Weight Substances from Water and Wastewater: Challenges and Solutions
    • Treatment and Reuse Potential of Graywater from Urban Households in Oman
    • Anaerobic Fixed Bed Reactor for Treatment of Industrial Wastewater
    • Index